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 Our customers who are connected with us are making very good profit in Amazon Global by following the guidance given by us, some of the results are shown below. If you also want to work in Amazon Global and earn such good profit, contact us today. You don't need to give whole day time to work in Amazon Global, if you give just two hours a day along with your daily work, you can also earn very good profit. Contact us today for more information.

This program is 100% mentorship program. This mentorship program is for 12 months. In which you will be provided total guidance and one to one training from us. Our business model is no inventory model, smart drop shipping model. You don't need to keep inventory of one product.

The service provided by us is to open your account in Amazon Global, which product to list, how to do the shipping, how to do the packing, where to buy the products, take approval of the brand, how to maintain the health of the account, daily order. What to do for it to increase etc...

Total training to grow your Amazon Global account will be provided by us

The total fee of this mentorship program for 12 months is USD 750/- $

Contact for more information

Jignesh Patel

+91 98253 24749